What is the Eisteddfod?

In simple terms an Eisteddfod can be described as a range of music, dance, drama and art “shows” for which anyone may enrol and where individual participants or groups are provided with feedback on their performances by experienced adjudicators in the relevant disciplines. The “rating” of the candidate is then expressed in different “levels” of awards (prestige, gold, silver and bronze) which indicates the participant’s progress in terms of his/her own knowledge, skill and understanding relevant to the particular item.

Who can enter?

We accommodate participants from pre- school children to adults. The Eisteddfod is valuable to any participant. An important consideration in any project that seeks to develop interest in the arts is that it creates opportunities for participation and exposure from a young age. Someone growing up without any interaction or exposure to the arts and culture is very unlikely to value and appreciate these in adulthood.


To provide opportunities for all participants to express and develop their talents, build self- confidence, assertiveness and perseverance.

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